Upgrade my motorcycle licence

About this service

Upgrading your learner licence

Changes are coming:
  • We are introducing a hazard perception test for motorcycle riders.
  • From 29 March 2021, all motorcycle learner licence holders will be required to pass the motorcycle hazard perception test before upgrading their licence.
  • Learn more about the motorcycle hazard perception test changes

You can upgrade your motorcycle licence from an RE learner licence to an RE provisional or open licence, or from an RE provisional or open licence to an R licence.

You can only use this service if you have met the eligibility requirements to upgrade your licence and your Q-Ride training provider has recorded your completion of the Q-Ride course on Transport and Main Roads' system.

Reasons why you may not be able to use this service:

  • you have a laminate licence
  • your licence is expired, or will expire in the next 6 weeks
  • you have not had a digital photo and digitised signature taken in the last 9 years
  • your licence is disqualified, cancelled, or suspended
  • you are a returning driver.

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