Apply for unregistered vehicle permit

About this service

This service allows you to apply for an unregistered vehicle permit so that you can move a vehicle by road from one place to another.

Fees will apply for using this online service. See registration fees for more information.

If you have applied an additional level of security you will need to enter extra details to access this service.

Reasons you may be unable to use this service

You will be unable to use this online service if the vehicle:

  • is currently written off
  • is currently under a Number Plate Confiscation Notice issued by the Queensland Police Service (QPS)
  • is not in a safe condition
  • requires a police permit or excess mass permit
  • does not have an identifier (VIN/chassis number)
  • is operating or carrying a load for hire or reward
  • has number plates attached to it - standard number plates must be surrendered while personalised/customised plates must be removed
  • is left-hand drive and less than 30 years old
  • is left-hand drive and 4.5 tonnes or over

See moving unregistered vehicles if you are unable to use this online service or need more information.

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