Apply for unregistered vehicle permit

About this service

This service allows you to apply for a permit to move an unregistered vehicle from one place to another, by road.

Travel information

  • Your journey must start in Queensland, but can end in Queensland or interstate.
  • If a vehicle is being moved to Queensland from interstate, a permit must be purchased from the state or territory where the journey starts.
  • Your must take the most direct route to your destination and not stop anywhere else on your journey.
  • The permit is valid from 12.01am of the first day of the journey and expires at midnight on the last day of the journey.

To get a permit, your vehicle must be in a safe condition.

When is a permit needed?

Find out when a permit is needed and when you don't need a permit.

When a permit cannot be issued

There are many reasons why an unregistered permit can't be issued (for example, if the number plates are still on the vehicle or it's written-off).

Find out when a permit cannot be issued.

See moving unregistered vehicles if you are unable to use this online service or need more information.

Unregistered vehicle permit fee

  • Permits are issued for 1 to 7 days
  • You'll need to pay a permit fee per day plus CTP insurance
  • No refund will be given for expired permits
  • You may be given a refund for any unexpired portion of a permit in excess of one day (Note: the cost of the first day of the permit is non-refundable)

What you'll need to apply

  • Your customer details (driver licence number / customer reference number)
  • A credit card to pay the permit fee and CTP insurance
  • The VIN or chassis number of the vehicle
  • Details about the vehicle and journey (to answer questions)

Note: If you have applied an additional level of security to your account, you'll need to enter extra details to access this service.

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