Transfer registration as seller

About this service

If you have sold a vehicle, trailer or boat you can use this service to transfer it out of your name.

Please note: You cannot use the online registration transfer service if you entered into a contract for a light vehicle with a dutiable value of more than $100,000 before 1 July 2018. The additional vehicle registration duty of $2 for each $100 does not apply. The normal rates of duty will still apply. To receive this relief, you will instead need to visit a transport and motoring customer service centre and submit your signed purchaser declaration confirming your eligibility for the exemption along with your application form. Call 13 23 80 for more information.

To use this service you will need to have been issued an electronic safety certificate or certificate of inspection, where applicable.

If you are an organisation (e.g. company) you will be unable to use this online service as only individual details (a person, not a company or business name) can be entered.

If you have bought a vehicle, trailer or boat, please use the transfer registration as buyer online service.

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