Transfer registration as buyer

About this service

This service allows you to finalise the transfer of a vehicle, trailer or boat into your name.

If you have sold a vehicle, trailer or boat, please use the transfer registration as seller service.

Transfer fees

When you transfer a registration into your name, you need to pay fees including:

This service can't be used:

If the seller hasn't submitted a transfer request

  • The seller must complete their part of the transfer process before the buyer can use this service
If you (the buyer):
  • want to add a second name to the registration
  • want to apply a concession to the registration (does not apply to trailers)
  • are eligible to claim a duty exemption, other than a family gift (duty only applies to vehicle transfers)
  • want the registration to be in a business or company name
  • want the registration to have a purpose of use other than private or commercial
  • don't have a Queensland driver licence or customer reference number
  • haven't provided evidence of your Queensland residential address to us
If the registration:
  • has personalised plates or customised plates attached (for vehicles and trailers)
Find out how to transfer a registration in person.

Before you start

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