Notify us of a medical condition

About this service

This service allows you to notify the Department of Transport and Main Roads (the department) that you have a medical condition that is likely to adversely affect your ability to drive safely.

A medical condition is a mental or physical incapacity.

This medical condition may be:

  • Any permanent or long term medical condition; or
  • Any permanent or long term increase in, or aggravation of, a medical condition you have previously advised the department about.

You are not required to notify the department if your medical condition is temporary.

While it is not necessary to give details about your medical condition, you may be required to provide a Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver (form 3712) completed by a medical practitioner.

Keeping your personal information secure is very important. You may choose to apply an additional level of security so that it is more difficult for someone else to access online services without your authorisation. If you have applied additional security you will need to enter extra details to access this service.

Reason you may be unable to use this service

You are unable to use this service if a health professional has assessed you as not being medically fit to drive safely. You must surrender your driver licence by completing the Medical Condition Notification (form F4355) and forwarding it together with your driver licence to the department.

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