Transfer a fine

About this service

This online service allows you to request a fine to be transferred to another person or organisation.

  • To use this service, you must have a Queensland driver licence (or customer reference number).
  • This service can only be used to transfer camera fines*
    (you'll be able to view photos of the offence before you transfer)
  • You must transfer a fine within 28 days of the infringement notice issue date.
    (self-nominations can be done up to 12 months after the notice issue date)

*Note: You can only transfer a fine for unregistered/uninsured vehicle offences if you sold/disposed of the vehicle or it was stolen/illegally taken before the offence.

You can transfer a fine to:

  • a person with a Queensland driver licence (or customer reference number)
  • a person with a driver licence issued by another Australian state or territory
  • an organisation recorded with Transport and Main Roads
  • an overseas licence holder
    (only if they have a customer reference number with Transport and Main Roads)

If you don't know who the person in charge was at the time of the offence, please submit an enquiry.

If you're unable to use this service, you'll need to complete a statutory declaration.

Note: It is an offence to give false or misleading information. Severe penalties exist for this offence including fines and imprisonment.

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  1. * Are you representing an organisation?

    Answer Yes:
    • If the fine was issued to an organisation with an ACN (Australian Company Number)
    Answer No:
    • If the fine was issued to you (in your name)
    • If you want to nominate yourself as the driver

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