Submit infringement notification

About this service

This online service allows you to give notification of the person in charge of a vehicle for a camera detected infringement notice. It includes the ability to give notification of the person in charge, notification that you were the person in charge, notification that the vehicle was sold/disposed of, or notification that the vehicle was stolen/illegally taken at the time of the offence.

Each online declaration service has different eligibility criteria. For example, notifying that another person was the person in charge must be completed within 28 days of the infringement notice issue date as required by legislation.

The notification process is governed by legislation and carries severe penalties for giving false or misleading information. It is therefore necessary for you to verify your identity prior to using this service.

Only customers who have an existing Customer Reference Number (CRN) with the Department of Transport and Main Roads will be able to verify their identity electronically through this service.

Nomination of overseas licence holders is unable to be processed using this online service. Please submit a statutory declaration to the issuing agency.

Notifications completed through this service will be forwarded to the appropriate agency. Where you have received multiple infringement notices for the same offence date, a notification MUST be submitted for each infringement notice.

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