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Queensland's Higher Mass Limits (HML)/Intelligent Access Program (IAP) Enrolment Site
Welcome to Queensland's HML/IAP site.
Do you intend to operate at HML within the IAP?
If so, your vehicles must comply with the Gazettal Notice for Higher Mass Limits before being eligible.
The operator of the vehicle is required to give notice of intention to operate at HML within the IAP. You can do that on this site by:
  • Reading the information about the process below and scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting "Accept".
  • Entering name, address and ABN details.
  • Entering the configuration of vehicle(s) / combination(s) to be operated within the IAP under HML. Enter the vehicle's registration number, state of registration, and national charge code.
  • Entering details of the registered operator of the vehicle(s).
  • Noting that these details may be verified and validated against the records maintained by other road authorities in Australia. You authorise other road authorities to disclose to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) any information held by them about you as an operator that is of a personal nature or that has commercial sensitivity for the purpose of verifying information provided in connection with the notice to operate at HML within the IAP. TMR will verify these details by cross referencing them against the TRAILS or NEVDIS database.
Operators must ensure that any information submitted:
  • is complete, correct and accurate. You must advise TMR whenever circumstances change, including change of ownership and/or operating conditions; and
  • complies with all applicable laws, and any TMR business rules and/or other written guidelines.
It is intended that the operator is the person or entity that equates to the person or entity defined as the "Participating Operator" for the purposes of legislation.
By accessing this site you acknowledge that the vehicle complies with all requirements, including but not limited to, road friendly suspension, accreditation under the Mass Management Module of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) and does not exceed the manufacturers' Gross Vehicle Mass.
Definitions and Interpretations used on this site
"we", "us" and "our" means the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
"you" and "your" means the operator using this site.
"database" and "system" means the database and supporting systems to which you have access on this site.
"this site" means the equipment, programs and services provided so you can give notice of intention to operate within IAP.
"IAP Service Provider" means a person or entity that is certified as an IAP service provider by Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA).
"IAP Condition" means the specified access conditions, which are monitored independently for compliance.
"registered operator" means a person or entity recorded on the certificate of registration issued by TMR or an interstate road authority for the relevant vehicle.
"Operator" has the meaning given in section 5 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law Act 2012.
"Higher Mass Limits (HML)" vehicles are permitted to operate at mass limits over and above statutory limits on approved routes if eligible vehicle configurations are fitted with road friendly suspension, are accredited under the Mass Management Module of the NHVAS (for vehicles with triaxle groups), and comply with new enhancements to the module which require road friendly suspension to be properly maintained. Details are available in the Gazettal Notice for HML as amended from time to time.
"Intelligent Access Program (IAP)" is a program to allow heavy vehicles to have access, or improved access, to the road network in return for monitoring, by an intelligent transport system, of their compliance with specified access conditions.
The "Department of Transport and Main Roads" [ABN 39 407 690 291] is a Queensland State Government Department, and is a reference at all times to the legal entity that is the State of Queensland.
Points to note
We have the right to change or discontinue this site, or any feature at any time.
TMR is committed to the regular and ongoing testing of the IAP to ensure its accuracy and to audit its operations.
From time to time, TMR may modify an aspect of the IAP conditions, (for example, by amending a particular route on which you are approved to operate), for the purposes of validating the accuracy of the IAP system. If the modification of the IAP conditions results in inadvertent non-compliance on your part, such as to generate a Non-Compliance Report (NCR), TMR undertake as follows:
  1. that non-compliance report or any other information about your inadvertent non-compliance, which we believe is a direct result of our modification of the IAP Condition, shall only be used for testing of the IAP and for auditing purposes;
  2. no further action will be taken against you by the Department as a result of that reported non-compliance.
"The parameters that the IAP may be monitoring include:
  1. identification of vehicle and trailer(s);
  2. position (spatial compliance);
  3. mass and vehicle configuration;
  4. time (temporal compliance), and
  5. speed.
If the nature of any of the above conditions fall within the HML notice or permit, these may be monitored under the IAP".
Use of Information
TMR collects the information you provide to note that a vehicle(s) intends to operate within the IAP. This information is required under the Heavy Vehicle National Law Act 2012. TMR receives non-compliance reports from IAP Service Providers that include spatial, temporal, mass, speed and self-declared data. TMR has access to data from other internal systems that include, but is not limited to, mass and configuration of vehicles.
Authorised Officers will have access to the information you provide and the spatial, temporal, speed, mass and configuration data for compliance and enforcement purposes. TMR may release the information you provide, the IAP Service Provider data and other internal systems data to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Transport Certification Australia Ltd, the IAP Service Provider engaged by the transport operator, the Queensland Police Service and approved IAP Auditors. Your personal details will not be disclosed to any other third party without your consent unless required to do so by law or for purposes mentioned in Information Privacy Act 2009.
If you supply an email address during the transaction, documentation relevant to your IAP notice will be sent to this address. Your email address will be used for IAP purposes only and not for any other purpose.
Terms and Conditions
Your use of, and/or access to, Transport and Main Road's online services constitute your agreement to the terms and conditions.
Last updated 16 January 2019

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