My e-notices and e-reminders

About this service

This online service allows you to receive emailed notifications and reminders from the department. Please review our e-correspondence terms and conditions

Please note: the e-notices and e-reminders service is currently available to individual customers only


Sign up for e-notices and instead of receiving notices by postal mail you will receive the following notices by email:
  • driver licence renewal notices
  • registration renewal notices for vehicles, boats and trailers
  • registration certificates for vehicles, boats, trailers and conditional registrations that do not require registration labels
  • registration notice for overdue vehicle registrations

Please note:

You must be the first registered operator to receive the registration renewal notice or certificate by email.

Renewal notices are not available in this service for vehicles and trailers that:
  • have a common due date or have seasonal registration
  • require a certificate of inspection and do not have a current certificate of inspection recorded


Sign up for e-reminders and you will receive email reminders for:
  • registration renewal
  • driver licence renewal and driving test bookings
  • industry authority renewals and new application approvals*
  • eligibility to take the hazard perception test
  • vehicle inspection booking and certificate of inspection due date
  • demerit point enforcement choice and infringement notice payment
*Includes interim industry authority

More information on available e-notices and e-reminders


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