Renew driver licence

About this service

This service allows you to renew your Queensland driver licence.

  • You can renew online up to 6 weeks before your licence expires.
  • If you have an open, P1, P2 or probationary licence and need to renew earlier, please visit a visit a customer service centre.

Before you start

It's important to check the renewal notice we sent you – some renewals can't be done online.

Steps to renew online

1. Login

  • Enter your licence details
  • Confirm your identity

2. Check your address

  • Your residential address will appear on your licence (must be in Queensland)
  • We'll mail your new licence to your postal address

We'll check if your licence can be renewed online

If you can renew online, you'll go to step 3.

If you can't renew online, you will need to visit a customer service centre.

Reasons why you can't renew online:

  • You need a new licence photo (photos are valid for 10 years)
  • You have not given us a current medical certificate (if you need one to drive)
  • See the full list of reasons why you can't renew online

3. Answer questions

  • Questions about your eligibility to renew and your medical fitness to drive

4. Choose a renewal term

  • Minimum of 1 year, maximum of 5 years for provisional and open licences
  • 3 years for learner licences

5. Make payment

  • Pay the licence renewal fee (card surcharge applies)
  • We accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards and American Express
  • Note: You cannot pay for licence renewals by BPAY

  • Cancel

Reasons why you can't renew online


Licence photo

  • You need to have a new photo taken (licence photos are valid for 10 years)

Medical certificate

  • You need a medical certificate to drive and do not have a current certificate recorded with us

Licence status

  • It is more than 6 weeks until your licence expires (you can renew an open, P1, P2 or probationary licence earlier in person)
  • Your licence is expired by more than 5 years
  • Your licence has been disqualified, cancelled or suspended in Queensland, or any other Australian state or territory.

Other reasons

  • You are no longer a resident of the state of Queensland (you can renew if you are temporarily living interstate or overseas)
  • You'd like to renew for a longer term than is available to you online (you'll need a new licence photo taken)
  • You've changed your name since your licence was last granted
  • You need to add or remove a licence condition (excluding S condition for glasses or contact lenses)

Find out how to renew your licence in person if you can't use this online service.
Plan ahead: If you need to renew in person at a QGAP or police station, check the services they offer before you visit. Some locations have limited services and may require an appointment for photos.