Renew driver licence

About this service

Learner licences can now be renewed online

This online service allows you to renew your driver licence when it is eligible for renewal.

To use this service you will be required to enter specific details to confirm your identity.

Fees will apply for using this online service. See licence fees for more information.

Sign up for e-reminders to receive an email next time your licence is due for renewal.  We will also send you an email when your driver licence has been posted.

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Reasons you may not be able to use this service

You will be unable to use this service if:

  • you are no longer a resident of the state of Queensland
  • your driver licence has been disqualified, cancelled or suspended in Queensland, or any other Australian state or territory
  • you need a medical certificate to drive and do not have a current certificate lodged with us
  • we have been advised that you are medically unfit to drive
  • you need to change any details on your licence, such as your name or you need a condition to be removed or added to your licence (excluding S condition)
  • your licence is expired by more than 5 years
  • it is more than 6 weeks until your licence expires
  • you have an expired digital photo (photos are valid for 10 years) - see security features of Queensland driver licences
  • you choose a licence renewal term that expires after the expiry date of your digital photo

See renewing a licence if you are unable to use this online service or require further information.

Provisional licence holders

If you are eligible to upgrade from a P1 licence, this upgrade may be processed when your licence is renewed.

Provisional licence holders must carry their current driver licence receipt or driver licence card, at all times while driving.