Apply for disability parking permit (Organisation)

About this service

This online service allows an organisation representative to apply for, reapply for or replace, an Australian Disability Parking Permit for the purpose of transporting eligible individuals. It also allows you to nominate or remove vehicles used by the organisation for this purpose. Find out more about the Queensland disability parking permit scheme.

If you need to apply for, reapply for or replace an individual permit, you should use the Disability parking permit (Individual) online service.

To use this service for organisations you will need:

  • the organisation's name and customer reference number, and
  • the organisation representative name, position and contact number, and
  • the number of nominated vehicles and number of staff providing the service of transporting eligible individuals, and

You may also need:

  • the vehicle registration number and registered operator for each vehicle requiring a permit
  • the existing permit number including index number

A non-refundable fee may apply to some applications.

Applications may only be made via this online service for existing customers, for example, customers with a registration product or who have been issued a disability parking permit previously.

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