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About this service

This free service allows you to change the residential and/or postal addresses recorded for your Queensland driver licence, marine licence, industry authority, adult proof of age card and/or vehicles or vessels registered in Queensland.

Transport and Main Roads matches addresses to Australia Post delivery standards. Addresses that do not match these standards may be automatically corrected.

Remember to also update your address details with Linkt (previously known as "go via"), the toll payment provider, if you have a toll tag account. 

Keeping your personal information secure is very important. You may choose to apply an additional level of security so that it is more difficult for someone else to access online services without your authorisation. If you have applied additional security you will need to enter extra details to access this service.

If you are having problems using the change of address online service, your browser may be caching your session details. If you get an error message, please refer to “Your request could not be processed”.

Reasons why you may be unable to use this service
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