Change CTP insurance details

About this service

This free online service allows you to change the compulsory third party (CTP) insurance details and registration period for a vehicle registration.

You will not be able to change the CTP insurance details for an expired registration.

RACQ left the CTP scheme on 1 October 2023

If you currently have CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurance with RACQ:

  • You will remain insured until the next expiry date of your registration.
  • When your next registration renewal is sent, we will allocate your CTP to another insurer.
  • No action is needed unless you wish to choose a different CTP insurer.
  • Changes to your CTP insurer will apply from your next registration period.

Just need to update your registration period?

You can use this service to change your registration period, without updating your CTP insurer.

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