Apply for my traffic history

About this service

This service allows you to apply for a traffic history report for a fee of $27.05.

What's in a traffic history report?

A traffic history report includes:

  • your full name, gender, date of birth, and residential address
  • customer reference number (licence number).

If you have committed offences, the report will also include:

  • offence details—including offence date, description, demerit points, result date, results and monetary penalty
  • information about licence sanction notices issued
  • periods of licence suspension, cancellation and/or disqualification.

Download a sample traffic history report

Please note: 

  • Traffic history details are available from 8 April 1993 onwards.
  • Reports are based on our records and the latest information available to us.
  • Your traffic history report will show details for the last 5 years (unless you request a different period).

Find out more about traffic history information.

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