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Hazard perception test

  • All learner licence holders must have passed the hazard perception test before they can take the practical driving test. Enrol in the hazard perception test
  • If a learner driver has not passed the hazard perception test, their driving test will be cancelled and the fee forfeited.

This service will allow you to reschedule/update your driving examination booking.

You will need your booking reference number to reschedule or update your booking.

Your booking has not been rescheduled unless a new booking reference number is provided on the confirmation page at the end of the transaction. Please note this new number for future changes relating to this booking.

If your booking is for today or the next working day it cannot be rescheduled. If you are unable to attend your appointment you must cancel your booking by contacting Transport and Main Roads. Please note that fees will be forfeited for non-attendance.

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